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Who We Are-Counseling & Advocacy Services

Venus Springs Advocacy for Community Enrichment, LLC

We are a woman and minority owned counseling and advocacy service located in San Antonio, TX. Our mission statement is part of our name, “Advocacy for Community Enrichment.”  We hope to facilitate social awareness and encourage healthier lifestyle changes through our mental health services.

We  have  a deeper sense of commitment & purpose to affect  societal change  on a larger scale. Our vision consists of developing a space where individuals, families and the local community can not only come together to help, support, and enrich each other's lives, but also receive much needed assistance and support with mental health care and related services.

Venus Springs offers more than just counseling and advocacy services. We provide mental health services with a holistic vision. We focus on mindful practices & the arts to enrich the lives of people in our community. ​

Through our services, we hope to  collectively address the relevant social issues of today. Including but not limited to:  

  • Stamp out Stigma associated with seeking mental health care  
  • Help   artists & socially conscious entrepreneurs have a space to create and bring their visions to life   
  • Promote healing & wellness throughout our community

Our Areas of Specialty

Anger Management    

Emotion Regulation

​Family Conflict

Grief and Loss


Life Transitions

Relationship  Issues

Trauma & PTSD



Career Counseling



Divorce Care

Domestic Abuse

Our Services

Counseling for individuals: Adults

 18 & Up, Adolescents & Children.  

 Couples & Family Counseling   

Group Counseling   

 Workshops & Training   

Business  Consulting Services  

Help you find support beyond your counseling session for everyday life  

Fostering connections with people through creative arts and wellness events​

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