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Enriching Lives & Cultivating Purpose

Are your experiences robbing you of present joy & hope for the future?


Do you feel lost and need direction as you navigate through life’s twists and turns? Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? Perhaps you've experienced a trauma and aren't sure how to improve your mental health. Or maybe you are struggling in your relationships and are wondering if counseling is right for you? If this sounds familiar, we want to help you. We understand that asking for help can be a difficult step to take. We are dedicated to providing guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Life can be overwhelming as you try to find your way; you can be left feeling alone, scared and stranded in a fog. We all need help sometimes. Maybe all you need is a little light to find your way. Let’s shed some light on your path to transformation, growth and healing.

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It's important you find the right fit. We have online counseling options or in office visits available. Learn more about our counselors and take the first step to improve your mental health.

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What is Counseling/Psychotherapy? What can I expect? How does it work?  Will I ever be able to improve my mental health? How can counseling help severe depression?

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